Description Prices
Visit fees – includes bimanual, vaginal examination €110.00
Consultations – verbal consultation only, without examination €80.00
Prescription €40.00
Urine Testing €150.00
Microscopic examination of vaginal smear €160.00
STD sampling for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (11 pathogens excludes HPV sampling) €240.00
HPV sampling for detection and typing + BioMarker test €180.00
Complete cervix screening (Smear (PAP) test + HPV test + BioMarker test) €220.00
Ultrasound examinations (transabdominal or transvaginal) €160.00

Ultrasound examinations during pregnancy

First ultrasound, weeks between 5-8 (excludes ectopic pregnancy)
Down syndrome screening – at weeks13
Open spine screening weeks between 18-20.
…and any time when you would like to see the baby.

Breast examination (includes ultrasound) €180.00
Complete gynaecological screening

(Smear test with HPV test + BioMarker test +  transvaginal ultrasonography – ovaries screening + breast examination – includes ultrasound)
IUD-coil insertion (during period) €180.00
IUD Device and insertion (during period) €230.00
Check up 1 month after insertion Free of charge
IUD Removal €140.00
Mirena and Jaydess IUS insertion (during period) €230.00
Check up 1 month after insertion Free of charge
Mirena and Jaydess Removal €140.00
Aspiration endometrial cytology – endometrium screening     NEW
(instead of DC – Dilatation and curettage)
Cervix biopsy performed under local anesthesia €600.00
Check up after 6 weeks Free of charge

Prices include visit fee

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